Triller Life

Capture the moment in multiple takes with auto-edited video

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We're thrilled to announce the release of Triller Life, Triller's brand-new feature that allows you to make non-music videos in the app for the first time! Triller Life makes your moments look better than ever. Just snap what’s going on and Triller does the rest, automatically editing everything together into a professional-quality video that makes you look amazing. Throw on some filters for a little extra flair. Share scenes from your day to join the community of millions making amazing videos on the fly. And follow your friends and favorite creators on Triller's social network to see what's happening in their lives. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
Would be a better experience to allow people to view it on the app store instead of asking for a phone number when there is no information on the landing page... Its like asking for an email address before looking at a website
@bentossell Good point, Ben! Just added the App Store and Google Play Store links. Also that "Get" URL is a smart link that goes to the correct store if opened on mobile. And you can check out more info at
I'm a HUGE fan of Triller. Incredible custom music video tech.
Congrats @dleiberman and team! Maybe we can use this at the next poker game I magically win by mistake 😄 Hope all is well!
I REALLY like this new format with with the voice-over running on other video sequences. This is super smart, well done! I am of your competitor ( so it is painful to say :-)