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Hey there Product Hunt! We built Triller to democratize music video creation and sharing. That’s why we partnered with the extraordinarily talented music video director Colin Tilley to develop auto-editing technology and beautiful filters that make your video look great even if you’ve never shot one before. We want anyone to be able to make celebrity-quality music videos without any professional expertise. We are looking for feedback about any problems you have with the app -- user experience issues or bugs -- and also what you love about it, your favorite filters, tricks you’ve found to making amazing videos. Most importantly, have fun playing around with Triller! That’s why we really built it, so people could have fun with their friends and their favorite music.
@dleiberman keep pimpin bruh bruh
This was fun! A couple things I noticed... When I was asked to select a part of the song for my video, I thought I was selecting the first clip. I didn't realize I'd be filming 3 versions of the same part of the song, and this was where I selected the entire length of my video. When I went to do "take 2," I was like, how do I select another part of the song to add on? The message "rotate phone" - I thought this meant turn to selfie mode/away from me, not rotate portrait to landscape. At some point I had filter options, but I'm not sure how I brought those felt like more of a hidden feature than something I knew where to find. Question - Can I snapchat a video I make on triller? Good stuff!
Hey Lydia, Glad you had fun with the app! The takes all have to be set to the same part of the song so that the footage edits together in a seamless way. Actually the easiest way to switch filters is to swipe right or left on the screen before you film your take. Snapchat does not allow uploads from other apps or from Camera Roll at the moment, but a workaround is to film a screen playing the video and Snap that.