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Tristan Pollock
Tristan PollockHiring@writerpollock · Venture Partner at 500 Startups
What's the range of the type of events your curation covers? Because I'm a fan of street art, but not most fine art, so where/how do you limit it?
Kathleen Stetson
Kathleen StetsonMaker@kathleenstetson · Co-Founder and CEO, Trill
@writerpollock I'm a fan of street art too! Trill is actually self-curating, in that your experience on the app is dependent on who you follow in a big way -- your feed will show you recommendations made by people you're following, and your "trending" list will show you only shows/art that have been recommended by your people. And, any user can add an exhibition, art showing, concert etc to the app! It's a very open platform, putting everyone on equal footing to start.
Gillian Morris
Gillian MorrisHunterHiring@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
I first saw the beta of Trill months ago. I'm a fan of BandsinTown but always wanted to have something a bit more in depth for the classical/fine art world: enter Trill! You can see what exhibitions are on, get curated advice from friends or influencers, and connect with other arts/culture lovers. I only wish they had coverage of more cities, but that will obviously come with time.