Trigraphy 2.0

Redesigned from the ground up and enhanced with new features

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Already bought it. Great app!
Awesome app! Keep up the good work :) I love that you can draw so that you can have places where the effects are not applied
Hey Hunters, We are very happy to release Trigraphy 2.0 for iOS. Redesigned from the ground up to provide better user experience and enhanced with new powerful features and tools, Trigraphy creates unique looking images in seconds. Users can combine distinctive effects and textures to create extraordinary and artistic images from their photos and go beyond just applying photo filters :) The app is free at the App Store. If you try it came back and share your experience and opinion. I will be very happy to discuss.
Fun to play with! I like the erase&fill function, makes the image very arty. It's not so easy to get started, great with the videos, but perhaps it would be good with more tutorials. I posted my first try on twitter. Go and like it! :-)
@mikaellowgren More explanatory videos are on their way. What did you find the most challenging?
I think it's a bit hard to understand how to manage the effect settings, and getting a good overview of all options. I guess it's also a beginners thing. I tried it on my 3 yo daughter, and she loved it!