Create cool poly art from iOS camera photos

This is very well-designed and fun to use. Here's my face (larger profile photos like this seem to work best): @corleyh hiding behind our giant PH kitty print: And a selfie with myself, @eriktorenberg, and our favorite Canadian PH'er, @darynakulya:
@corleyh @eriktorenberg @darynakulya @rrhoover Totally right, it works great for profile pictures. Woot! Woot! Go Canada!
@corleyh @eriktorenberg @darynakulya @rrhoover just installed, this is great! Agree with comment, works best with profile pics.
@rrhoover @karlclement nice find! API Partner for CP?
Perfect for a friday :)
I like it. Too bad there's no version for Android.
Cool stuff! I had to play around to discover the swipe up and down options though.
Awesome, but I can't figure out how to move beyond the editing to saving :/