A self-hosted, open source alternative to IFTTT

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Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill@allnick · Maker & Marketer
I'd recommend checking out Huginn as well for those who enjoy coding in Ruby.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@allnick have you used Huginn much? I tested it out before, but couldn't see many use cases that I could get it to do. I think that might be because it is quite technical, as this is as well
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
you can see discussion from Hacker News here:
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
Congrats - I love it - why didn't you wait to have a plug/play product/app to go public ? Would love to participate in the dev of such an app btw.
Gabriela Hromis
Gabriela Hromis@ghromis ·
Hey, PH, I was wondering why were my (positive) comment and upvote on this deleted? Is this something that happens automatically when a product goes from upcoming to featured? It would be good to know, not to waste my time, but it kind of reduces incentive to even bother with the upcoming tab... @bentossel OT: I love the name guys 😃
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
@ghromis @bentossell that shouldn't of happened... did the comment definitely go through?
Gabriela Hromis
Gabriela Hromis@ghromis ·
@bentossell I thought it did, but anyways, good to know it was a glitch, and not by design 👍
Sam Doshi
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @
Self hosted --- opens up so much control - awesome