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Hey everyone! I’m co-founder and CEO of Trigger, and we are excited to share with you Trigger for Android! We've worked hard these past few months to bring our Trigger experience to the millions of DIY investors on Android. Trigger is simplifying the world of investing by reducing everything to an “IF THIS, THEN THAT” rule, called a ‘trigger’. You can create triggers to track all sorts of things happening in the market -- for example, if Apple announces earnings at a certain level, or if the Fed is raising interest rates (like today potentially!) or most recently, you can track if @POTUS tweets about a publicly traded stock too :) In the next few weeks, just like in iOS we will integrate with 9 different brokerages (including Fidelity, and E*Trade, and soon Robinhood!) so you can trigger and trade in one place. Our mission is to help the individual investor take a more disciplined, rules-based approach to managing their portfolio. Please help us deliver on that promise by giving us your feedback! Please let us know if you have any questions - we’re here to answer them. Rachel
Big Trigger fan since the beginning, and happy to see it available on more platforms! Any plans on allowing triggers based on portfolio changes for some of the more passive investing Triggeratis out there? Ie: If my portfolio allocation drift is more than 5%, then rebalance!
@dannyhertz Thanks Danny for the love! Yes absolutely. In the future we plan to have more portfolio insight level triggers - like the one you mentioned (which is a fabulous one I might add) as well as tax lot triggers and percent returns. For this a deeper integration is needed with your broker - and we are working on improving that in the future!