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Trigger is the new concept of how we communicate with people - ordinary messaging is from people/groups, but we let users categorize their messages by topic. Trigger is a topic-based messenger that helps you organize all the conversation with people and topic. In Trigger, you may send one message to multiple people/groups at once and they will receive your direct message to this conversation. For you, you may organize all the feedbacks/talks/discussions into one place. This is perfect for angel investors & journalists & sales people & startups. They usually need to share one topic(news, opinion, blog)to their different groups of connections and have some discussion about this topic. Putting these people to one group is really bad for the quality of discussion - People don't know each other, losing focus, endless scrolling to find conversation. So Trigger help people broadcast a topic and every discussions/conversations are organized into one place. Right now we have around 10k users using Trigger, browsing the news, discuss stuff with people and share more insight with people. We’ve been building, refining, troubleshooting in 6 months, so would love to hear more from you ! I’m around to answer any questions :))))
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The app looks pretty! Some feedback on the landing page: 1) "The app lets you Trigger multiple topic-based DMs making conversations more elegant." -- I have absolutely no idea what this means. You're introducing me to a new verb, then saying what it does in a clunky way. I also have no idea why it references Reddit - Reddit doesn't work over push, and DMs are not what come to mind when I use Reddit. 2) I think the second screen actually does a better job of discussing the value prop of the app: '''Trigger multiple “chatrooms” with the right people, where you can hear and say the most genuine things on each topic.''' Although it's not clear why "chatrooms" are in quotes. Are the convos or topics threaded somehow? 3) Unfortunately I wasn't aware there was a second screen until I accidentally hit 'space' :-( There's absolutely no visual indication that I can scroll on this first page - no little arrow, no "page 1/4", not even a basic browser scrollbar on the right.
@mallyvai Have to agree. I have no idea what this really does! I think a private Reddit would be pointless anyway! I also had no idea I could scroll. They should give some indication that there is more below.
@mallyvai and @7ewis thanks for the feedback! Hi i am Jimi, one of the makers for Trigger. We will update the webpage to make it so the scroll is more obvious to see. Our app tries to make having conversations with different people on the same topic easy. From initially referencing a context, to following up on a conversation within the context across different people.
@mallyvai @jimiwen Okay, so it's kind of like StumbleUpon, a bookmark sharing/discussion site?
@mallyvai @7ewis you can use it to kind of to bookmark contents. We try to create easy way to message individuals or groups of a given url/topic. Since we think a lot of people prefer to discuss stuff in private, everyone is somewhat different in public vs private. Current messengers which are good in private but are designed for simple chats rather than discussions. So we are trying mix little bit of the privacy of IM and the conversation structure of forums.
Wondering about how much user testing happened on this app. It feels confused right from the marketing through the product. I still don't really know what this is and why I'd use it.
Why did you decide to create this app...what was the inspiration?
@erictwillis Hi we developed this app to help better communicate in mobile messaging world. Existing messaging are some what limited as it is straight from SMS long time ago. For all time-based form of messaging, it is very easy to pollute a chat, losing focus. And to find something you would like to revisit. You would need endless scrolling. We kind want to mix a forum form of conversation and organisation with more IM-type use case scenario.