Trifecta Workout

A beautiful, simply designed personal trainer for iPhone.

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2016
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Why $4, Robin? Sell it to me please
@igor_march All apps in this segment is paid. Maybe thats why. :D
Woof the "omg $4 so aspensive" comments are depressing. I know the race to the bottom finished ages ago but it's still rough to see it in context.
@buckwilson yes. This. You can't even get fries with that for $4. Come on.
Based on your feedback I've decided to change the launch price to $1.99. As I add more features in future I may raise the price along with it. I hope you enjoy the app 💪 cc: @igor_march @shaun_27 @kevinturner62 @nurihodges @adammydesign
@robinbailey Not being facetious, why would you do this?
Hm... This actually IS good looking. That's more convincing in getting me to DL & test than I'm happy to admit. Nice one, @robinbailey
Looks like a good start. Does this compete with freeletics? Or is this more of a free roam app?