Trident for GitLab

Trident is a powerful GitLab client for iOS.

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MattMaker@somerobots · Founder, Some Robots
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Matt and Trident is my baby :) I've worked really hard to release this, Trident works wonderfully with GitLab and makes discussions around merge requests and issues really nice on your iPhone.
Sytse Sijbrandij
Sytse Sijbrandij@sytses · CEO, GitLab
@somerobots Thanks for creating this Matt and for working with us to improve GitLab API's to enable better mobile apps.
MattMaker@somerobots · Founder, Some Robots
@sytses Its been a pleasure, the GitLab team have been great! 🤗
Ingo Radatz
Ingo Radatz@llabball · CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
Is it right to say the app focusing on the issue part of repos?
MattMaker@somerobots · Founder, Some Robots
@llabball Hey Ingo! The focus is around conversations, making it a great experience to discuss merge requests, issues and commits. Lots of hard work was put in to make the history view show comments and actions people are doing in the repository, there's also a dashboard which can aggregate multiple projects in one view.