Trident Drone

An underwater drone for everyone

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wow! I didn't knew I was looking for an underwater drone until now!
From the OpenROV project — this is the underwater drone you've been looking for! Lots of great resources in their press kit too.
At first the tethering turned me off, but it seems like it would be easier to lose track of in water. Would be curious to hear all of the makers reasons behind it.
@bradenhamm Very good question, Braden. And good thinking. There are several reasons for the tether. First, radio waves don't travel well through water, so a tether is the only way to get live video back to the surface. Second - you're right - it's also a good recovery device in case you run out of batteries or something else goes wrong. Also worth saying: the tether is removable. We designed Trident with on board batteries and sensors specifically so we can remove the tether as we add more advanced autonomous functionality. This is just the beginning of the underwater drone story!
You might want to think of an alternative name if you go after the UK market. (
Cool! If the tether gets stuck can you release it from the drone programmatically, or would you have to dive in and get it?