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Hi Product Hunters, My name is Rory and I am the Co-Founder and CTO of Tribute. We came out of beta this summer and are excited to introduce Tribute to the Product Hunt community. Our site makes it easy to create a group video montage that you can give as a meaningful gift on any occasion. What used to take 10 hours, now takes as few as ten minutes with Tribute. We’ve spent the last year building our collaborative video tool and would welcome your feedback! To make it easy, we’ve created this $25 off code specifically for Product Hunt users and it will be good on any purchases made through the end of September. Just enter (“PHFTW131”) at checkout and you’ll be good to go. We are also beta testing our new Tribute "video wall", you can check out a sample page here - The wall is a simple way to collect and view videos from a public group or community. Great for brands, weddings and live events. Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be here all day and look forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks, Rory
I made a Tribute for a big milestone birthday for my husband and he said it was literally the best thing anyone has ever given him. None of the participants had any trouble getting it to work either, FWIW. Amazing product, the value is well worth the cost.
@ksmithmarketing Thanks so much Kathleen! You just made our morning. Happy to hear your husband enjoyed his Tribute and we look forward to getting you back on the site sometime soon.
Very cool idea, the launch pricing is a bit off considering the number of online video editors available. Did you consider 10$ and possibility to split the bill between the participants (or do the payment transaction fees make it counter-productive?)
Hi @juhslk - Thanks for your question! We've done a number of prices tests and landed on $25 for a few reasons: 1. We feel that $25 is the lowest amount that customers find "meaningful" and accessible. 2. Our customer feedback has indicated that this is an amount they are comfortable paying. 3. While there are a number of beautiful utility editors available, is the only web-based collaborative video editor (inviting, collecting, editing) that we know of. 4. It was also a UX consideration. When users pay a "meaningful" amount, they are more likely to honor the process of building their Tribute completely and this improves the quality of the final product that is delivered to the recipient. See the comment below to understand what I mean :) Also, we will be launching a freemium offering this Fall! Let me know if you have any more questions on pricing.
@itsandrewhorn @juhslk I would pay $25 every time for your service
Meaningful use of technology. Made bringing video content for a very large family positioned all over the globe seamless. No technical issues for ages that span three generations with a mix of mac, PC, desktop and mobile. Personally love how tribute offers a tangible & beautifully designed wood usb video drive. With so much content flooding our phones, dropboxes etc- its nice to have something to hold and that is easy for even my grandma who is intimated by technology to access.
@jerilynnstone Thanks Jerilyn! You'll be even more excited to see our new LCD video cards coming out this fall. Customers will be able to deliver their Tribute on a 7-inch greeting card with an HD screen and speaker on the inside. It is AWESOME.
Site is down
@rotemthegolfer @bentossell Sorry about that. We had an incorrect url in there momentarily. Appreciate the heads up!