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Tim Finnigan
Tim Finnigan@timfinni · Founder of
So the tagline is "Anonymity using our dedicated Tor-like network", but when you go into the FAQs, it says this: "Is Tribler anonymous?" "Not yet, but we're working hard on it."
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@tim_finnigan1 This anonymous feature was added just recently, I think they haven't updated their FAQ's yet.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Tribler makes BitTorrent anonymous and impossible to shut down. Tribler offers anonymous downloading. Bittorrent is fast, but has no privacy. Tribler does NOT use the normal Tor network, but created a dedicated Tor-like onion routing network exclusively for torrent downloading. Tribler follows the Tor wire protocol specification and hidden services spec quite closely, but is enhanced to need no central (directory) server. Bonuspoints for awesomeness: 1. Tribler is open source and non-profit 2. Tribler includes search. You can find lot of videos without any web site. 3. Tribler can play your videos. You can watch even before the download is finished. Tribler is a research project of Delft University of Technology (in The Netherlands). Tribler was created over nine years ago as a new open source Peer-to-Peer file sharing program. During this time over one million users have installed it successfully and three generations of Ph.D. students tested their algorithms in the real world.
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
@bramk Cool. I haven't checked out Tribler in years. Gonna go see how it's progressed.
Tyson Quick
Tyson Quick@tysonquick · CEO Instapage
Why not just use