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Cool app! Totally see the need for this. I have a question. In a crowded space such as a festival, sometimes connection gets clogged. Does Triber has a way to solve this too or everything is done through the internet meaning that when there's no connection, Triber stop working?
Hey @marcelc63! Thx for the question, Triber in most of the events, but we are indeed working on a tech partnership to be able to work even where there's no connection, through meshed network in particular.
@mathieumcfly Thanks for the answer, will look forward to that :)
Cool! Might try it out next festival.
@briankhouw Agreed -- I could see needing this after a few beers at the next outside lands!
I have an idea for a new business strategy for you if your interest and circumstances permit.. The idea is to market your product presented here to Security companies for concerts/sporting events/festivals/etc.. to have their management use this to keep track of security personnel in areas of relevance in an optimal manner! Best regards to the success of your venture! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar
@jay_bee12345 I think this tech embedded into other services is def the way to go
Hey @jay_bee12345 thx for the idea, that's absolutely a way we consider to monetize our solution: we're currently selling official account to event organisers, so they can push points of interest within their event (bar, toilets, scene, stands, animations..). But we also consider embedding Triber as a white brand in other apps (events, but also delivery, dating etc.)
@mathieumcfly Excellent news! I especially believe this will go great with existing walkie-talkie connections security personnel have as I was security guard from the age of 17-22 I know it's really important to know the location of emergency situations on the security grounds for applicable response by teammates. One other application I see to market for your product is having parents install this on their children's smartphones and training them to log on to it if they ever get lost in a public location such as retail department stores and amusement parks.. Thank you for your consideration here.
Dude this is cool! I could see this technology being plugged into a ton of third party applications --- we are working on a to do list for keeping track of people you want to see and places you want to go and I can see this being such a cool way to build on demand meet ups without thinking about the logistics.
@samir_doshi That's absolutely true, we just started contacting some apps that could be interested in embedding Triber as a white brand :)
Hi guys! The app is very well done - very intuitive and very nice! Do you do a partnership with a festival to start with? Or do you plan to start with a specific one?
@david770 We just started contacting them a month ago, we already signed with 2 festivals to experiment and are in talks with major French festivals :) But we are open to your ideas !