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Francois CarlotMaker@francoiscarlot · Co founder of Triber
Hi everyone, we're thrilled to officially launch Triber today on Product Hunt! After quietly testing Triber for several months, we have enjoyed a nice traction, especially in Asia, with over 9k apps created to date, including some high profile influencers. We're all here to answer any question your may have, let's go!
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
Not sure I get the problem this solves. Is it that there is a lot of different social places to check, and this streamlines them into one? Is that a strong enough hook to get repeat engagement?
Francois CarlotMaker@francoiscarlot · Co founder of Triber
@drewmeyers Thanks Drew, good questions!! We think it can be fun for friends to have their app and a more direct way to communicate. It can be useful for groups, clubs, organizations (imagine a football club, the app can be a way to federate all the members, share upades, organize, post pictures, chat.) And when it comes to celebrities or influencers, it's clearly a way to establish a unique connection with their audience.
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
@francoiscarlot What's the one core reason I as a member of group X will download the app? Where is that group activity now - Facebook groups and/or email lists I assume? How do you replace that?
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace@kkdub · 🎯Strategist for Hire
Thought a little about this solution today, and I think the use cases in the US market could be numerous. What if your elementary school teacher had an app? Sorry to give you more work, teach. Or the local librarian. Or anyone whose social you really mean to follow but the messages get lose in the shuffle. And then there's B2B - no one owns this space yet. (At the moment, however, hubby & I are determining which of our cats deserve their own app. The debate continues....)
Francois CarlotMaker@francoiscarlot · Co founder of Triber
@kkdub Thanks Kelly - great insights! indeed, the use case are numerous. We think that anyone who's leading a "tribe" (thinking about Seth Godin's book here) would probably enjoy having an app to create a rich communication channel.
Fiess Edouard@fiessedouard · co-founder @ navily
Super cool idea guys ! I'm not a big fan of having 1000 icons on my phone so I think i'd prefer it with just one icon and switching between different users. But the concept is very nice :D
Francois CarlotMaker@francoiscarlot · Co founder of Triber
@fiessedouard Thanks. We're thinking about that as an option for future versions... :) We think - and data shows - there's only 4/5 people that matter so much to you that you want their app on your phone.
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
@francoiscarlot Yup, that sounds roughly right. There are very, very few people I would ever consider putting an icon on my phone for -- 4 or 5 people isn't very many. If that's true, that seems like an awful big hurdle to get over.
Ryan Shook@ryanshook · Creative Director
Does it actually create an app or is it just a URI shortcut back to Triber?
Francois CarlotMaker@francoiscarlot · Co founder of Triber
@ryanshook A real app is actually created (an APK file to be specific, and a webapp for iOS). For premium subscribers, we also create an ipa file (i.e. iOS app) and publish those to the App Store and Google Play