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Hi folks, Cristoforo here - CEO at Tribecube. So thrilled we've been hunted. In short, Tribecube provides teams with text chat, file sharing, full indexing and multi-party video meetings with screensharing, all in a browser-based consistent workspace. The team communication/collaboration space is becoming quite crowded, but we have a strong focus on video meetings (our previous exit was in the videoconferencing software market) and on being accessible not only to tech-savy people. The big plan is becoming the Google Now for the enterprise, but that's a longer story :) I'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions! You can also reach me at It's a rainy summer day here in Italy :)
Super simple detail, but I dig that it lets you take your pic via the webcam as your avatar. So it's actually me as I look when I'm at my desk. :-) Those details matter!
@afhill Thanks Andrea :) Tribecube perfectly fits with remote workers that may change location every day. We simplified taking a pic as your avatar (we actually encourage you to update it every day!) so that your teammates could understand at a glance wheter you are working from home or in a coworking space today
TribeCube is a web-based collaboration platform which offers the ability to create multiple meeting rooms in which to video and text chat with your team mates, share screens and files easily. No plugins or downloads to install and free to use.
Sounds good! I want to test it. I know there are a lot of competition around, but I like the way they approach it.