Tribe of Mentors

Short life advice from the best in the world, by Tim Ferriss

We all need mentors, particularly when the odds seem stacked against us. To find his own, four-time #1 best-selling author Tim Ferriss tracked down more than 100 eclectic experts to help him, and you, navigate life. Through short, action-packed profiles, he shares their secrets for success, happiness, meaning, and more.

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Excited for this book! Recently finished reading Tools of Titans and this is the next one on the list. P.S. @tferriss your podcast with @naval is still one of the best podcasts I've listened to
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This list is insane... Here's the full-list of 130 mentors featured in the book:

From the excerpts I’ve read. The book comes off condescending, I feel like more time was put into the packaging than the actual advice in tis book.


it makes an excellent paper weight.


Just about everting.

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How exactly is it condescending?
It feels like the Tools of Titans launched not long ago. Anyone else wondering why @tferriss used his unabbreviated name, Timothy (not Tim), on the cover of the book? These are important questions. 🤔
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@rrhoover well, I guess this is growing up. He must have a/b tested his author name 🤓 or could have been a short life advice from someone. 😉 Anyhow, congrats @tferriss for this new emphasis and perspective on the importance of asking questions!
@tferriss @rrhoover possibly just for the split cover design? 7 letters for both forename and surname weights better than 3 to 7 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@tferriss @rrhoover The plot thickens, the only time he has used 'Tim' before from what I can see is on Tools Of Titans. All his other books are in the long form.
Hi All! Stoked to be back on PH. Tribe of Mentors is a bit of an odd story. First off, I never planned on writing it. 2017 was an unusual and very intense year for me (perhaps like a lot of people). The first six months were a slow simmer, and then, within a matter of weeks, I turned 40, my first book (The 4-Hour Workweek) had its tenth anniversary, several people in my circle of friends died, and I stepped onstage at TED to explain how I narrowly avoided committing suicide in college. The whole thing was surreal and heavy. Shortly thereafter, I canceled everything for a week and started journaling, hoping for perspective. As often happens at forks in the path — college graduation, quarter-life crisis, midlife crisis, kids leaving home, retirement — questions started to bubble to the surface. I put them all on paper. Were my goals my own, or simply what I thought I should want? How much of life had I missed from underplanning or overplanning? How could I be kinder to myself ? How could I better say no to the noise to better say yes to the adventures I craved? How could I best reassess my life, my priorities, my view of the world, my place in the world, and my trajectory through the world? And so on and so forth for pages and pages. Ultimately, I had a lot of trouble answering these questions, so I decided to reach out to friends for help. They recommended other people, who were often experts and world-class performers in different fields. Then I thought: If I'm struggling with these types of questions, maybe other people are, too? Why not just ask 100+ amazing people the questions and put their answers in a book that I -- and others -- can use as a reference? A single playbook full of incredible playbooks? That is how Tribe of Mentors came to be. Thank you for reading this far, and happy holidays to you and yours!
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@tim1 As always, thanks again for your writing, can't wait to read it!
@tim1 Thanks for sharing the back story here!
I'm a big Tim Ferriss fan, but the proximity to the Tools of Titans release and the similar premise just feels like a cash grab. How is this different?