Tribe Games is the first live multiplayer gaming app with your friends, while video calling!

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Hey folks! 👋 We've been building this while moving from SF to LA this summer. 🌴 It’s live now. Enjoy! 🤘
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@cyrilpaglino Wow this brings gaming and live video to a whole new level. Killer UX.
@cyrilpaglino Killer UX, amazing product - PLEASE ADD MORE GAMES CYRIL! :)
@cyrilpaglino Looks really good. I will. :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
This is quite different from the v1 of Tribe that launched a few years ago. Curious to why you decided to go this direction, @cyrilpaglino. P.S. for others: subscribe to Gameroom if you're interested in these types of apps (cc @selcukatli).
@rrhoover different indeed :) From asynchronous to synchronous, now adding this layer of games. We've add the first games last May (draw, blindtest) and slowly saw better engagement & retention on this cohort of users playing games. We also received tons of feedbacks from users asking for more Games. Since day one at Tribe, we've always try to follow our convictions and mixed it with users feedbacks. Its a tough and fast moving market, we keep being agile and flexible when it comes to product iterations.
@cyrilpaglino @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! And congrats Cyril on the launch of your new iteration. We've been working on this for a while as well, I guess good teams think alike :) if you're looking for more games, I'd recommend you give our product a try as well here:
@rrhoover @selcukatli thanks ! 've been in your beta lately, impressive work :) Checking again rn
@rrhoover @selcukatli @cyrilpaglino amazing new pivot. I actually think this iteration is a very refreshing take on synchronous video. But, Tribe spammed my contacts on several occasions.. can we trust you on this one?
Great work with the UI guys!
Love it, it’s a special and unique experience to play fun games with your friends. The app really feels alive. My favorite games are « Speed Racer » and « Scream! ». Congrats 🤘🏻✨
@louis_malfoy thanks Louis ! We should play to speed racer together ;)