Small business alerts on Amazon. Shop small at home.

When you select a product on Amazon, a small box appears in the corner of your browser that alerts you if a small business sells a similar product. It’s that easy. Tribe also offers info on corporate animal testing practices. More issues coming soon!
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Right now, 24% of small businesses are on the brink of closing down for good. Tribe gives you the option to support small businesses from home. Get Tribe and let's do everything we can to keep small businesses alive and thriving!
Hi Kim, neat extension! As a maker of the same eco-system, I believe your application can be even better if it worked inline on the amazon site like Ubersuggest has done with Google search. Obviously, you probably know the Amazon site better than I do so you might have tested the feasibility of that particular implementation already. Anyway, good luck with the launch!
@suibinhong thank you so much for the suggestion! I'm actually going to look into that right now.
Great idea. If possible, also highlight the product's place of origin. This information will be helpful during the purchase decision.
@kapilmohangupta I completely agree. We are planning on launching many more issues that give insight into company practices, including 'made in' labeling. Thanks so much for the feedback!