Easy way to track and complete task inside your inbox

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Not sure I'd regularly use this but love the clever execution, using email and one's inbox (something we check multiple times per day) to record and track tasks. Added to my Invisible Apps collection. 😁
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan. Curious what you use for task management now at PH.
@hvasquez we use Trello. It's perfect for smaller teams.
@rrhoover Trello is great! Used it quite a bit. You just can't get people outside of your team to use it with you. In the end, we all go back to email.
There are so many Assistant Apps on the market. I am just glad this one is useful, without a name from a secretary on Mad Men
Thanks for picking this up, guys! We built Tribe because it's so tough to get other people to adopt your tool of choice. With Tribe, you can task anyone with an email and they can respond without ever signing up.
Started using it around my office recently and I can already see the productivity increase. Great product!
I gave the app a test drive, and it is extremely easy and simple to use. I love that I can assign tasks to anyone without even have to sign up. Total worth downloading.