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Tribalist is a place to discover, create & share shoppable lists of what you love (“A Pinterest for Lists”). It’s super easy to create your own lists or you can find inspiration for the best things to do each day from top lists from friends, influencers, celebs, publishers & brands you trust If you love lists, you’re gonna love Tribalist!

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I am a Tribalist investor, so was an early user of the product. I have moved my whole family onto Tribalist to use it to organize our media plans, and its made life much easier, and helps us watch better stuff. Even my 8 year old son uses it!


Easy to use. Centralized. Great UI. Great concept. And who doesn't love lists?!?


Will get better as more people use it and there are more lists to work from.

Great to hear Jonathan - you have understood the vision and opportunity from the beginning. Honored to have you as an investor and excited to hear the whole family is onboard.
Met Jon years ago and it was his passion for helping people discover things that really struck me. Fast forward a few years, he’s launched one of the easiest ways for people to create and share lists of content.
Thanks for hunting us Jonathan! We are very passionate about giving everyone, big and small, a voice and a home on the web to share all things they are passionate about like movies, music, podcasts, books, TV shows, restaurants, cities etc. Social media moves too quickly - you have to keep posting and tweeting as your old ones get washed away. Tribalist doesn’t get washed away, it’s alwsys there for you to help you curate your life or to help you inspire other people with your own lists. Listmaking is a massive consumer opportunity - everyone loves lists and they fit well with our ever time constrained lives. We hope people Tribalist helpful - it was built for all the passionate curators in the world. Lmk if you have any feedback - I’m at
Love the idea of listing all my favorite movies, books and other passions. Next I want to list my fav hikes in the bay area ;)
@dana_loberg Thanks Dana - glad you like Tribalist! Listing is fun and easy - great way to curate all the things we love and want to do . Also now that we are making lists public and shareable you can also easily inspire other people to discover all your faves. PS try doing a hiking list in travel #protip 👍
Having a single spot for tracking lists is awesome -- one feature request I have is the ability to import lists from sites I come across. For instance, Eater SF has a monthly list of best/new restaurants and I'd love to just submit the link to automatically create the list! :) What was the inspiration for building Tribalist @vlasso?
@esthercrawford - Hey Esther, glad to see you are enjoying Tribalist, we are all fans of Squad too! To answer your question, we have thought about that feature and it is on the road map. It will most likely be a Chrome plug in initially (think Pinterest plug in). In parallel we are also indexing many popular lists from the web that should be of interest. We are also thinking about import feature in app where a user will be able to import their lists from other major platforms so that they can easily get all their lists in one place. As to the original inspiration....I have lived around the world and love finding and sharing hidden entertainment and lifestyle gems with friends, whether it's music, movies, TV shows, restaurants, amazing cities, podcasts etc. I have had lists saved in spreadsheets, in apple notes, old blogs, in wunderlist, emails and in notebooks - basically all over the place. When people asked me for lists there was no easy way to share them, most of the lists were text only, had no visuals, they weren't tied to any 3rd party databases, no shopping links etc. Basically it was not a good user experience for the supply side or the demand side. I felt that there were other people like me who would find a central place to create lists of what they were passionate about appealing so we set about building it.. Wunderlist nearly got into public shareable lists before they sold to MSFT as but then it got buried in MSFT. Whether you are creator, curator or hunter - hopefully Tribalist can be your new trusted go to platform to help you find the best, unique things to do each day with your tribe!