Make everyone on your team a data beast

Our mission is that your whole team can find answers from your database data, without help from an Engineer.

🚀 Build queries, without code.

🤓 Share results across your team (via Slack, URL or email).

👌 Live-stream results into tools like Google Sheets and Geckoboard.

Trevor takes 2 minutes to set up and works out-of-the-box.


  • Benjamin Southworth
    Benjamin SouthworthFounder,

    🙏 Super simple way to interrogate your db


    The progress they've made can't be faulted, perhaps better onboarding? 🤷‍♂️

    We've been using over at Unicorn Hunt for a long while, and we just love what they're are trying to do.

    Really helpful to share the visual queries so you're not just slinging over CSV's to get the inevitable blowback.

    Benjamin Southworth has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to pick up to answer many questions

    So much easier than more complex expensive tools

    Amazing support and continuing development


    It can take a little practice to answer more complex questions, but sending them to a spreadsheet gives tons of flexibility

    That time when someone on another team comes to you wanting to know something in your product data - now I don’t create a spec for it and put it in the engineering queue, I give them access to Trevor. Job done

    They’re happy, the engineers are happy, I’m happy, the CEO’s happy.

    Jono Hey has used this product for one month.


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Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
Hi PH. Tom, founder of here. Huge thanks to @_jacksmith for sharing us. We’ve spent the last 12 months building a product that we’re super proud of. Very excited to get your thoughts / feedback / questions on it. My co-founder, Harry, and I are here all day to answer your questions. In my previous company, where I was CTO, we spent a mountain of time getting our Engineers to set up dashboards for our non-technical teams. The teams were all super excited, but as soon as they started to look at them, they instantly had follow-up questions: - why is the blue one selling better than the red one? - when did that user last log in? - is there a correlation between demographics and retention rates? Eventually I had two of my Engineers, full-time, every day, answering data-requests for the product and marketing teams. This is where was born. Our vision is a world where everybody in the team can jump into the data themselves, any time they like, and get fresh answers to any question they think of. Accessing data doesn’t need to be difficult, and we’ve spent a lot of time working out how to give non-technical users all the power of SQL, but without having to ever see or write code. Tough, right? We think we’re close. :-) Please do try out Trevor, and let us know your thoughts. Hearing your feedback/ideas would be amazing. P.S. as a special offer for Product Hunters, today, if you’d like an extended 3-month free trial of Trevor, just share this page on your twitter or facebook before end of day today and we’ll give you a fully-featured Trevor for 3 months.
Chris Knappick
Chris Knappick@chrisknappick · product
Hey guys, this is a really great idea. Does Trevor support querying on advanced column types, like JSON?
Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
hey @chrisknappick. Thanks for reaching out. Great question! As well as supporting all the standard column types (numbers / text / datetime / boolean) we also have support for : - JSON / JSONB - arrays - UUIDs - and intervals (i.e. durations, such as "2 hours" or "5 months") Specifically, for JSON, we support: - filtering on and picking out elements from JSON objects - accessing individual items from JSON arrays - expanding JSON objects and arrays (to one per row) Hope that helps. :-)
Chris Knappick
Chris Knappick@chrisknappick · product
@tom_gardiner helps a lot! Thanks!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff!!
Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
@ayush_chandra thanks Ayush. If you're trying out Trevor, we'd love to hear your feedback.
Fedotov Maxim
Fedotov Maxim@doutatsu · VR Anime Society Founder
Looks great, been waiting to see what you've been up to @tom_gardiner! I can see this being useful at my current company, will see if they want to try it out.
Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
@doutatsu thanks Maxim! :-)
John Alexander
John Alexander@johnalxndr · Growth @ shoflo
Seems awesome guys good stuff.... weird question but did you use a tool for that onboarding tips on the site?
Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
hey @johnalxndr. We actually ended up doing them ourselves. Good point though - there should totally be a tool for that (sure there probably is)
Macleod Sawyer
Macleod Sawyer@mxsawyer · Founder of IdeaDrops.
@tom_gardiner I've used before. Super useful.
Tom Gardiner
Tom GardinerMaker@tom_gardiner · Founder @
thanks @mxsawyer! Will check it out :-)