Tresorit Send

Ultra-secure, end-to-end encrypted large file sharing.

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Tresorit Send is an ultra-secure, end-to-end encrypted large file sharing solution. Replace risky email attachments with secure links. Tresorit Send makes large file sending quick and easy. Simply drag-and-drop any kind of files up to 5GB to upload them and share the received link.

  • Balázs Kovács
    Balázs Kovácsproduct marketing manager

    Super easy-to-use and secure thanks to encryption.


    Right now it's in beta.

    Tresorit Send is like a secure alternate to WeTransfer. I found the open notification very useful and it's great, that it's free. I also downloaded the Chrome extension.

    Balázs Kovács has used this product for one day.
  • Dániel Stein
    Dániel SteinSoftware Engineer

    – easy to use

    – free

    – no registration needed

    – huge storage

    – encrypted

    – I get emails when my files are accessed

    – Chrome extension !!


    – will take time for users to recognize Tresorit Send as an alternative to WeTransfer

    Tresorit has a great reputation as an end-to-end encrypted file sharing company. I've been a Tresorit user for years and I'm happy with the service. If I need to quickly send a file I'm pretty sure I'll use Tresorit Send. ✈️

    Dániel Stein has used this product for one week.
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This is awesome! A quick CloudApp-like helper tool could be cool, even if it may duplicate a little bit of the regular Tresorit functionality. However, one of the things I have been pondering about is the whole notion that thanks to phishing we try to tell people NOT to click on links in emails. And while attachments have their own problems, I wonder if the link could somehow be sent or marked in a way to show clearly that it's not a phishing link. Just a thought to hopefully help your product further.
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Cool! How does send fit in with the rest of what Trensorit offers?
György Szilágyi
György SzilágyiMaker@gyorgy_szilagyi
@aaronoleary hey, sharing with external users is a very important use-case in the core Tresorit product, we created this lightweight solution to make users easier onboard to our services yet it is a standalone, fully functional app. The registered and paid version of Tresorit gives more control over the shared content, including Detailed access log, Configurable expiry and ability to limit download count as well as the sycnronization, backup and other collaboration use-cases.