A Kanban board for Todoist

#5 Product of the DayApril 09, 2018

Trelloist is a Kanban board for Todoist that lets you create, manage and track your Todoist tasks on a full-screen Kanban board.

Trelloist is serverless and talks directly to the Todoist API meaning your tasks stay private and everything is synced with all your Todoist apps securely and instantly.

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Or just use Trello.
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If you don’t already use Todoist then definitely use Trello if you want a Kanban board. I use Trello at work and love it, hence wanting a similar experience for Todoist.
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It would be a clever name if it actually used Trello - but this seems like borderline infringement.
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@galtenberg went straight through the border, not under or over
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This would be much more enticing for me if it was offered as a Trello power-up.
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Have not tried Trelloist but it is definitely an element of Todoist that is lacking for those who like working with a Kanban board instead of a list.
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Thank you! I've wanted this for years.
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