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#5 Product of the DayApril 09, 2018

Trelloist is a Kanban board for Todoist that lets you create, manage and track your Todoist tasks on a full-screen Kanban board.

Trelloist is serverless and talks directly to the Todoist API meaning your tasks stay private and everything is synced with all your Todoist apps securely and instantly.

Amir Salihefendic
Monica Sacroug
Dannie Nguyen
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  • Dannie Nguyen
    Dannie NguyenJunior Marketing Executive

    Look greater and fancier than Trello


    Well I don't see any further function than Trello yet. And please pick a better namee

    You can say it's like an upgraded version of Trello. I'm considering moving my working space from Trello to this one as its interface looks more luxurius.

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Dennis Weinhardt
Dennis Weinhardt@dwardt · Digital Designer (UI/UX/Web)
Or just use Trello.
Misha Wakerman
Misha WakermanMaker@misha_wakerman · Software Engineer, Assemble Technologies
If you don’t already use Todoist then definitely use Trello if you want a Kanban board. I use Trello at work and love it, hence wanting a similar experience for Todoist.
Christopher G
Christopher G@galtenberg
It would be a clever name if it actually used Trello - but this seems like borderline infringement.
Tim Shnaider
Tim Shnaider@timshnaider · Boss
@galtenberg went straight through the border, not under or over
Misha Wakerman
Misha WakermanMaker@misha_wakerman · Software Engineer, Assemble Technologies
Ryan DiMascio
Ryan DiMascio@ryandimascio · ui/ux design & frontend/ios code
This would be much more enticing for me if it was offered as a Trello power-up.
tom mauriello
tom mauriello@tommauriello · owner,
Have not tried Trelloist but it is definitely an element of Todoist that is lacking for those who like working with a Kanban board instead of a list.
Edward Shepard
Edward Shepard@edwardshepard
Thank you! I've wanted this for years.