Trello Sticker Sets

Jazz up your Trello board with these Sticker Sets

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Stan Massueras
Stan Massueras@stanmassueras · 🚀
Are they free to use outside of Trello?
Adam Harms
Adam Harms@_lcky · Writer, Designer
@stanmassueras for the emoji stickers it looks like they are using EmojiOne which is an open source emoji set. So you could definitely use those ones outside of Trello.
BrodyMaker@brodymaclean · Product Designer @JobAdder
@stanmassueras Definately! The sets are optimised for Trello (on a retina screen) but feel free to use them however you like.
Stan Massueras
Stan Massueras@stanmassueras · 🚀
@_lcky you rock! Thank you👍