Share the stories of places you love and explore the world

Trell is an app where explorers share & discover offbeat experiences. It's a community based platform where you can discover your next adventures and hidden gems around you.


  • Vivek Guptaco-founder, nu.tree

    UI/UX is awesome, Unexplored Places, Community Of Like-Minded Peoples, MeetUps, Saturday Rides.


    Some bugs need to be Fixed.

    Trell is a community of interesting peoples who love to explore the world whenever they get time, i am addicted to trell and love to see new posts about food & places, most of them are in my bucket list, tryout feature is awesome.

    Vivek Gupta has used this product for one year.
  • Vinay DubeyMarketing Manager

    Super cool and intuitive UI/ UX. Great App to store & showcase experiences in the best manner. Also, Great social sharing features.


    I wish i could do more with the app. They should add more features which push people to go for the experiences which they try-out on the app

    In a nutshell, a great new way of telling your story. More than showing it to others, I use it to easily store my memories in the most beautiful manner.

    Vinay Dubey has used this product for one year.


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Pulkit AgrawalMakerHiring@pulkitagrawal93 · Love building online communities
Thanks for a great hunt @kwdinc :-) So I'll post a small intro here! I'm Pulkit Agrawal, one of the makers behind Trell App and we just launched iOS App recently. Trell is a location-based storytelling platform for outgoing people to share their travel and local explorations. We started as a community handle on Instagram which got viral in India. Instagram Accounts: We are trying to bridge this gap between the rare knowledge of such local gems blossoming in the city and a central platform for outgoing millennials who are looking for ‘cool ideas’ to explore things around. As an explorer, you see tons of stories packed on every street there are hidden gems in college campuses, street food corners which has won the heart of locals, eccentric backpacking stops for solo travelers or a local coffee shop where people ideate for the next big thing! But if you are not on a walking tour with a history buff, or hogging up with a local foodie or even a knowledgeable cab driver, you might never discover such tidbits. Trell is a one stop community which provides solution to all these needs. We would be glad to answer anything that comes up or to explain anything else, just drop a line here :D Cheers!
Manikandan@manikandanux · Founder @ 📻
Looks like traveller portfolio. Can we get location link on each post?
Pulkit AgrawalMakerHiring@pulkitagrawal93 · Love building online communities
Thanks for asking @manikandanux. Yes, the user-profile is developed in such a way that everyone can form portfolio of their explorations & travel journeys. You can also check the location where each post has been done and can even open the directions on Map Application when you click upon them!
How integrated is Trell with popular social networks?
Prashant SachanMaker@prashant_sachan · Founder, Product & Design @ Trell
@siva_krishna Thanks for asking. Trell is integrated with all popular social networks as this integration is very important for growth of any new network/platform. You can import your content from Facebook, Instagram and post it on Trell. Also, you can share all the content in Trell to any other platform (includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram etc).
Also, you said trails are Google searchable, doesn’t that pose privacy issues?
Prashant SachanMaker@prashant_sachan · Founder, Product & Design @ Trell
Thank you @siva_krishna , this is a very important question. Trell is positioned as a (new-age) visual blogging platform for your travel and local experiences. So very much like a Medium or a Wordpress or a public profile on Instagram, whatever a user publishes is out on the web for the community to consume and get inspired from. The platform doesn't promote posting of personal content in anyway - Its an open community of explorers on the internet where the exchange their experiences in form of a trail.
Brendan Beirne@brendanbeirne · Product / strategy, Joojoo
@prashant_sachan Check out the Jorge Luis Borges story 'On Exactitude in Science' -- think you'll find it interesting (only two pages long)
Prashant SachanMaker@prashant_sachan · Founder, Product & Design @ Trell
@brendanbeirne Thanks. Tried searching for it, got varied results. Can you please share the link?
Drew MeyersHiring@drewmeyers · Co-Founder, Horizon
What's the incentive to put content into the app? We worked on what we called "welcome kits" back in 2013 --> (note we've since taken OHW down, so you can't click to see the actual city specific welcome kits anymore -- but the blog post should give you an idea for the approach we were taking) Big take away was there simply wasn't much of (or any) incentive for most people to contribute content. Unless we paid them, or we had massive audience so they knew the content would be found/used/seen.
Prashant SachanMaker@prashant_sachan · Founder, Product & Design @ Trell
@drewmeyers Thanks for sharing it. We have an interesting hypothesis around the creation bit, how about we get on a call sometime - would love to discuss further with you on this? Want to understand more about what worked for your product/what didn't, it would be really helpful. I am reachable on