A free API for plants, built from all botanical databases 🍀

Trefle is a global plants API, allowing everyone to build the next gardening apps and farming robots, search over (almost) all the plants of the world over multiple criterias, get up-to-date informations, taxonomical references and more

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Very cool André. I see this is in alpha and I don't see any pricing plans associated. do you plan to monetize the product once out of alpha?
@colinwinhall Hello ! No, will be free as long as I can afford it 😃
Absolutely love this @colinwinhall @lambda_2! How can we help you support this project please?
Nice! The mobile menu button is broken FYI
@w It's okay now ! Thanks for the feedback !
Is it ready to use @lambda_2 ? I don't see any example
@ikrisnaw Of course ! You have to read the docs to get started (, but we should put some examples, I agree ! Thanks for the feedback !
@lambda_2 When I click the Curl or Ruby don't see any example. Also I don't see the request URL for each models.
@ikrisnaw I had the same problem but found some cUrl examples here:
Awesome! I would love to use this for a project but it seems that it does not have any images...
@phippuuuu Not yet indeed, but it's planned !
Really cool API! Do you plan on adding info such as how often a particular plant should be watered or have the soil changed? This info is more helpful for indoor plants.