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For digital nomads like me, there are no fixed location like an office anymore. Everyday another coffeeshop, a friend's office or a nice public place. My clients go crazy if they want to meet me. Where are you this time? It takes so long to explain them how to find me and normally I wait because they are late. But myself, I am not better: if I want to visit my client, a friend or simply meet with someone I always depart too late. Normally I can catch up but if I don't know the location already, if there is a traffic jam or if I forgot to check direction beforehand, I am busted. I have to admit that many times I am late and it is always my fault. THERE IS HELP: treffn brings me together with other people, at any place and in time. It tells me when to leave, show me how to find the location and allows me to announce late coming way ahead of my arrival. But I rarely use that function because I really do better. I can simply click a bunch a friends together and get them for a beer in my favourite bar. It simply handy, free and works even with people who don't have the app installed on their iphone. So nobody is forced to agree and use the tool too. I think that is very fair. BTW I am much more productive since I use treffn, because I spent less time to meet someone and can have more meeting during the day. If you love flexibility and hate calendars but what to invite friends to meet you instantly without long texting, you should try treffn. It is a new expert tool that gets people together easy. Watch it!
@bentossell Are flexible and instant meetings by using the smart of your phone something that you appreciate?