Clothing that makes a positive impact on the environment 🌲

Many companies are adopting a "one product for one tree" incentive. Treets have flipped that model to donate the majority of profit back to the environment.
Each and every shirt sold donates $5 to plant 5 trees.
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Hello PH, I'm the creator of Treets, a new clothing brand that donates most of the profit made from items sold back to conservation and reforestation efforts. Currently $5 for every item sold is donated to to plant 5 trees. The goal is to increase the amount of trees planted per item while keeping the same price point, not increased profit. What to know - - 100 trees have been planted so far! - Clothing is made in a eco-friendly factory powered by solar energy with sustainable production methods and recyclable materials - Less than $0.50 of profit goes to Treets after trees have been planted - Shirts can be recycled once they are worn down or no longer fit by our manufacturer Feedback along with any questions/comments are greatly appreciated! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
Great concept, really love the marketing. Just a quick note - the price disappears on the site when the shirts are black because they overlap :)
@christopher_lee4 Thank you! I've updated per your feedback
@nicktoffolon No problem! By the way seeing as you just launched I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! You could ask e.g. "Would you pay $30 for a shirt of 30 trees were planted because of your purchase?" Anyway If you want to give it a shot feel free to sign up and let me know which email you used over Intercom and I'll pass you $12 in free credits. Best of luck otherwise!
@christopher_lee4 definitely sounds interesting, I'll check it out. Per the question "Would you pay $30 for a shirt if 30 trees were planted because of your purchase?" it's important to note that the current price point at Treets is the most 'bang for your buck' other than donating directly to OneTreePlanted(which is encouraged!). After researching the space it became apparent that other tree planting services offered planting more trees but were not as transparent with costs associated, methods, or answers for sustainability. As a for instance, there are programs to plant trees for as little as $0.10 per tree. At this rate each Treets donation of $5 per shirt would equal _50_ trees planted per purchase but would be less transparent. Treets chose OneTreePlanted because of their accountability, transparency, and track record. Our Planet and Netflix are an official sponsor of OneTreePlanted as well :-)