Event/Data distribution system without any configuration

TreeScale is a technology that allows building real-time PubSub applications with highly-scalable architecture, using Math Tree/Graph-based scalability instead of standard horizontal scalability.
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Hi everyone! For the past 2 years we've been dedicated to make backend infrastructures and real time microservice communication more scalable, faster and reliable. TreeScale open source is a concept of making new kind of scalability system, which is more scalable and reliable. Instead of hard wired horizontal scalability, TreeScale offers automatic service discovery and Math Graph based scalability, without any central point of failure. Initial implementation is written in Rust, but as a concept we are now bringing it to other major platforms as well. Write down your questions below, would be happy to answer and discuss more!
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@tigran_bayburtsyan the repos you link to were last updated a year or 2 ago so I am a little confused. I would be very hesitant to use any open source project that hasn't pushed anything to master in over a year
@erwin_will thanks for comment. The actual implementation is based on pure research and it's not production ready. We've been experimenting concepts to bring new microservice scalability principle based on Math Graph principle.
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Look awesome!
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The introduction video is simple and understandable so that I wanted to test it by myself, thank you!
Just what I was looking for so long, thank you :)