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Hi everyone, my name's Laura and I'm one of the Founders of TreePress. We started TreePress to give the performing arts access to the best technology has to offer. You may not know but each year, there's over 1 million theatre performances in the UK alone. Writers, theatres and organisations are creating incredible new material. But they have no way to share it with the world. Which means that audiences - people like you and me - keep watching the same stories over and over again. That's why we created TreePress: an online marketplace and community for producers, directors, playwrights and publishers. You can browse, compare and license plays from all over the world. iTunes transformed digital rights for music. Amazon empowers self-publishers worldwide. TreePress does both for theatre. If you know someone who's written a play: it can go on TreePress! If you know anyone who performs, produces or directs theatre - let them know we're here! And.. if you're just a theatre fan - say hi. We love people who love theatre. Behind every performer, there is a great director. Behind every play, there's a great writer. Behind them all is TreePress.
I love this! Such a great (and nicely executed) use of a SaaS product to help a popular niche. It would be great to get the makers in on this?
@samcambridge Thanks so much, Sam! We're so glad you love it :o)
@laurajaselle @samcambridge I think it's great, have you considered opening it up to a place for actors to find people putting performances on? or are you just looking to be a script market place?
@samcambridge definitely something we'd consider doing in the future. At the moment, we're pretty zeroed in on Scripts -- to make sure that we build a really great product (that also manages all the intricacies of licensing in theatre - it's definitely a delicate space) and then we'd love to be working across the ecosystem. Fundamentally, we're committed to building a product that people want... so certainly if actors shout loud enough and directors want that as a service we'd definitely build it.
TreePress is such a great example of founders solving their own problem and turning it into a fantastic marketplace!
Awesome team and product! So thrilled to see TreePress on Product Hunt!
A truly great product with a fantastic mission from 2 brilliant ladies. I absolutely love it!