Build a backend without writing code

#3 Product of the WeekMarch 12, 2015
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Treeline makes it easy to build custom, high-performance apps for Node.js. It is designed for building practical, enterprise-grade backends in a matter of hours - not months.

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Micah Baldwin
Micah Baldwin@micah · Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
super smart founders, who started with Sails.js ("rails" for node) and have built a solid product in Treeline, which allows a frontend engineer to build backend code ... without coding. I really wonder when the day comes when lines of code are no longer written, everything is built via drag/drop type interfaces?
Mike Hostetler
Mike Hostetler@mikehostetler · Managing Director, Epic Creative
@micah Completely agree. Been working with Sails.js and this team and they are doing some great stuff.
Taylor Edmiston
Taylor EdmistonHiring@kicksopenminds · Senior Software Engineer
@micah I love playing with new graphical programming tools too, but I don't think we'll ever anticipate every need so well that professional developers won't need an IDE and command line to build production-grade commercial apps. Side projects though...
Parham@par_ham · map(brain, patterns)
This is so awesome, looks to me like IFTTT for developers
John Freddy Vega
John Freddy Vega@freddier · CEO,
Treeline is incredible. They truly want to free frontends from the typical "Sorry, you have to wait for the API/validation/database structural update/library/socket to be ready". Because, to be honest, most of the serious app dev is now on the frontend, mobile and web. I saw an early demo and it's impressive, give it a try!
Mike Khristo
Mike Khristo@mike_khristo
@freddier wait, what? "Most of the serious app dev is on the frontend" is a bit of a stretch of the imagination don't you think?
Mike McNeil
Mike McNeilMaker@mikermcneil · CEO, The Treeline Company
@freddier @mikekhristo good point- depends on the app of course. But i built apps as a consultant for about the last half decade and honestly in most of the projects I saw, at least 60% of the (wo)man-hours were spend on the client(s)
Troy Carlson
Troy Carlson@troy_carlson
@freddier if by "serious app dev" you mean UI's for CRUD apps, sure.
John Freddy Vega
John Freddy Vega@freddier · CEO,
@mikekhristo I can see how my comment went too far, in perspective. For *most* app dev, Frontend is where the cool stuff happens. Obviously, if you're doing Machine Learning or a similar complex thing, you're doing impressive, fun backend. But for *most* ideas, Backend is quite predictive. Treeline accelerates that a lot. Maybe.
Mike Bestvina
Mike Bestvina@mbesto · Professional Utility Infielder
@freddier if you're conviction is that strong, would you use Treeline for your own startup (Platzi)?
Scott Gress
Scott GressMaker@sgress454 · Co-founder, Treeline
Thanks to everybody checking out Treeline, totally humbled by the response! Getting out beta invites as fast as we can, and will open to the public ASAP--ran into some issues due to even-greater-than-expected demand (I know, I know). We're temporarily suspending our free hosting feature to help with the load. Hit us up with any questions!
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
@sgress454 A good problem to have! Congrats!
Tommaso db
Tommaso db@todiba · Founding Partner at Awesm Ventures
Think of a world where MVPs are done in a blink ... where entrepreneurs can pivot in hours and find the Product Market match in a fraction of time! Awesome job @sgress454 & team!