Build a backend without writing code



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Micah BaldwinΒ β€” Old Founder. Grey hairs and everything.
super smart founders, who started with Sails.js ("rails" for node) and have built a solid product in Treeline, which allows a frontend engineer to build backend code ... without coding. I really wonder when the day comes when lines of code are no longer written, everything is built via drag/drop type interfaces?
Mike HostetlerΒ β€” Managing Director, Epic Creative
@micah Completely agree. Been working with Sails.js and this team and they are doing some great stuff.
Taylor EdmistonΒ β€” Founder & CEO, Edmiston Software LLC
@micah I love playing with new graphical programming tools too, but I don't think we'll ever anticipate every need so well that professional developers won't need an IDE and command line to build production-grade commercial apps. Side projects though...
ParhamΒ β€” map(brain, patterns)
This is so awesome, looks to me like IFTTT for developers
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