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In addition to being an awesome place to learn code, it seems Treehouse is great for people who want to start a business. For example, they have a handful of different coding tracks as well as a business track. They also have many startup perks: Has anyone here tried Treehouse? I'm particularly curious to hear how it compares to CodeSchool and the other online coding schools.
@benhoffman_ I personally prefer Treehouse above Code School. Treehouse has videos of better quality and a great community around it.
@AraikGingnagel do you find the lesson plans are easier/harder?
@AraikGingnagel @benhoffman_ In what ways? I'm genuinely curious. I have loved all of the code school courses I've taken.
@blainehatab @AraikGingnagel I've spent the past two weeks doing the JS courses on treehouse. Honestly, not impressed. They don't hints and their error messags are vague. They don't have a visual console to see your results easily (see Khan JS track). Also, I find their video explanations leave a lot on the table. Many questions go unexplained. I very likely will not begin the paid course. I must admit though, their community does answer questions quickly. Very collaborative.
@benhoffman_ @AraikGingnagel Thanks for the feedback. I'm very interested to see how the whole online coding education marketplace pans out. Greg Pollack (Code School CEO) talks about Treehouse like they are just another resource along with Code School. I think that feels like a more realistic view.
I've learned so much from Treehouse. Big +1.
I'm pretty sure I've tried them all (at least all of the free ones). Treehouse actually gets you using code with real files instead of in a simulator, and walks you through projects with challenges. I love it.
Treehouse is my preference, their explanations are good and clear, videos are well produced, and there is a huge library of resources to get stuck into. The workspaces are also an excellent way to learn to code with real files, you can also download project files and work in your own text-editor. The failings for me are that some of the courses can be a little dry (some of the JavaScript courses in particular) but they seem to be updated with reasonable frequency.