A simple way to involve your users directly in your roadmap

#3 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2019
Crowdsource ideas, track interest, and prioritize what to work on next.
A simple way to involve your community and customers in your product or service's roadmap and build what they really want.
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The idea is cool and so is the product. There are cheaper alternative ways to provide a simple roadmap for others to see - I would revisit the pricing strategy and maybe do further AB testing to see if users would pay for something like this. Do you have any insights or research regarding this?
@owenfar1 Thanks Owen! We've had a lot of feedback about pricing, so we've just added a $29/mo price plan now so its more affordable! We can look into split testing, but we were trying to align with Canny's pricing!
@owenfar1 @sendpilot1 Owen hit it right on the head. Changelogfy, Beamer, upvoty (just to name a few) and many others are redefining this space. The days of uservoice, roadmap's are coming to an end. The sweet spot for these platforms is well under 25.
@owenfar1 @therealmavridis Thanks, we've just reduced the base plan to £15/mo!
Hi Reece, cool product! Here are two suggestions after checking-out your product: 1. Have a button so users can submit their ideas and upvote other users ideas 2. A trello integration: automatic treefort update when cards are moved / completed on trello Best of luck for your launch!
@raphael_goldsztejn Thanks Raphael! Users can submit ideas now! There is a button at the bottom of The roadmap that says ‘Have an idea? Suggest it now’ which lets them submit anonymously or create an account to track responses. People can upvote and comment on each idea and the admin and team can change the status of each idea depending on if they are working on it etc. Trello integration is a cool idea I’ll look into that!
@sendpilot1 Great! I didn't see the button because I thought it was one of those "upgrade now" banner haha. Awesome :)
@raphael_goldsztejn oh Really? Haha we’ll enlarge it slightly and make sure it doesn’t look like an up sell! Thanks
Product looks cool but $50 starting price point seems high unless you are mainly going for enterprise clients.
@parag_r hey Michael, we are trying to align ourselves with Canny as a similar tool, which starts at $49 and only allows for 150 tracked users - we allow unlimited. We are going to add a $29 plan as well for smaller saas and businesses! Does that work better?
@sendpilot1 Just depends on who your are targeting. If you are trying to get customers, I'd offer a free plan but limit the tracked users to something really low. At least then you are pulling people into the product and if it is useful, then they will start to pay for it. Just my 2 cents.
@parag_r $50 indicating enterprise focus - that's a bold statement ;P
@parag_r @kamilrejent Haha, we've just added a $29/mo plan so it's more affordable for smaller SaaS and businesses
@parag_r I agree. As a new startup I'm not about to spend any $ on something that has a fringe beneficial to my company. I'd love to use Canny or Treefort, but can't justify it at this point. If you were to offer a free plan with limited options it would be an easy commit for me now and then would likely lead to me becoming a paying customer in the future when I can justify the cost.
Looks cool, any chance you have RTL support?
@itai_neter Hey thanks! We don’t have plans, but feel free to submit it as an idea on our roadmap (using Treefort of course) and we’ll see how many upvotes it gets! You can do it anonymously or with an account to track. Roadmap:
Nice work on this relaunch!