A tree-structured text editor

let's use "Treee" to structure your thoughts. Program design, article outline creation, cooking recipes.
"Treee" performs almost all operations on the keyboard, so learning shortcut key bindings makes editing a document very quick and easy.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Congrats on the launch, this looks promising
Would be cool if there was a way to test the app without having to sign in.
@anand_sriniv I consider developing that feature.
My favorite apps in this segment are WriteMapper and Gingko, that's all I really needed...
Sort of like a mix of a mind map and text? That's awesome. :) Your SEO is gonna be a pain though - haha
@maxmirho1 Difference to mindmap is node has an order :)
Please add email sign-in! It doesn't need to have a password. I don't really like a google you know ;)