Write documents in tree-like organisation with Markdown

Markdown document by writing to Tree condition .Organize sentences and think deeply to improve output quality in Tree.
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Julien Henri ReszkaPresident at RELOADIUM
The video doesn't use a real use case so I find it hard to get the point of the product
Upvoted...I'm working on something similar and love your design. congratulations! I agree with other comments here. You need to record a user with a problem that gets solved using this.
@rungekuttarob Sort of disagree. This is an easy & fast way to visualize an email drip campaign. This tool looks much simpler than the built in tools of Hubspot or Salesforce. Additionally, it's easier than most mind mappers (that i've tried, anyway) because those tend to be high level and make it difficult or time consuming to drill into the actual content.
@rungekuttarob @sho_yamane Just actually tested. Biggest flaw is in sharing public links - I can't seem to find a tree view (as a collaborator/viewer), only a list of branch elements (product screenshot 5). Deal breaker for me. Awesome work though. I can see this being developed into something extremely useful.
Sho Yamane
I'm a designer and frontend engineer.
I worked hard!
I think it looks good, Sho. Keep it up!
betatester softwareSoftware review and influencer
wwooo i love it,, it helps me and my agency create 30 days schedule post on social media COOOLL and thank you
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