Collect emails within your content 📬

A click-triggered popup within blog posts will result in more signups.

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I wish there were some better screenshots. Don't want to try the tool out without seeing how it works.
@leonhitchens I have added new screenshots. Also, you can try the product with no commitment
Congrats on the launch Parker and team. I'll try and keep this feedback constructive. I am confused why I would pay $5/mo for a service to place a button to an opt-in popup, that has a branded link below every button? What does this do that the dozens of other opt-in plugins and services have, and most of the CRM's that you integrate with already offer? Most CRMs or WP plugins do this functionality for free, and keeps everything within one dashboard/service which is easier to maintain. Having a dashboard showing which article is the referral for the sign up is handy, but tracking which post the sign up came from can be done with most of these CRM services with some code/script tweaks to put a referral custom variable in the form, or through Google Analytics with goals and a tracking pixel on your sign up thank you page. What would be more interesting for me, is if your button did something unique like integrated with the CRM in such a way where it would trigger special automated emails with lead magnet downloads (an ebook or tip sheet pdf for example) that is unique to that particular blog post it was embedded on. Or triggered a CRM tag or auto-responder sequence based on the content of that particular blog post. Doing content upgrades like that is still difficult and tedious to do IMHO. I'd love to see a service tackle that.
@chad_fullerton I really appreciate your feedback and this is why we built this product; 1. We have a couple of in-house writers that needed a way to use their content as a way to capture leads and also understand which blog posts were driving the most conversion, so I decided to build Treck to solve that problem. 2. Although you mentioned that existing CRM can do the same but with some tweaking, etc. Treck was built for people that don't want to be involved with any script tweaks etc. but something that just works out of the box. 3. The branded link under the button is a temporary feature that was used to growth hack the product, but so far based on different feedback, we will remove that link. 4. Your last point is very important and is something I will look into. We already have plans to integrate apps like MailChimp, etc. But I would love to chat more with you via slack about this point if you free sometime. Once again thanks for the constructive feedback.
@parkerituk I’m not clear on what value this adds to my email marketing. With almost every email service, you can create a unique opt in form in just a few seconds. You can connect it to email sequences, add tags, etc. Then you just embed in Wordpress. If this had the ability to add to content In bulk it would differentiate itself. For example, if I could create a content upgrade and then bulk select posts to put it in, that would be great
@stephenaltrogge We tried to keep this simple by allowing content writers or anyone to create branded CTA(call-to-action) easily. Also with Treck, you don't just get the lead, but also which article it originated from, etc. You don't embed a form, but a button or link in your content. It might not be suitable for everyone, but based on my experience and working with a couple of content writers, this is a handy tool to have because of its simplicity.
Nice concept, I'm definitely going to try. I saw you reply regarding Wordpress but it still would be great to have a dedicated plugin!
@francois_biennat Good point. Wordpress plugin is something we would definitely look into.
Promising! Will try it out for our blog.
Looks interesting. Will try it out for a couple of products that we are building