Snacks from around the world, delivered monthly

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Sounds awesome! I think you guys ship internationally but not totally sure. Could you confirm?
@arron_dean I think they do ship internationally, they give the option of multiple countries in the checkout area. So, maybe? Overall, looks good to try out! :D
@arron_dean Hi Dean, thank you so much for asking. We ship internationally!
@rdjin That's awesome! Well, I'll be signing up in the near future :)
Looks like a great box, I love trying treats from other countries!
I've been looking for a new excuse to avoid my diet!
This is a pretty cool idea. Downside I see things more than likely being generic treats. Like Switzerland = Chocolate, Turkey = Turkish Delights, Japan = Pocky
@zaccoffman Hi Zac, good comment and observation. I try to include a few snacks that are particularly famous in each particular country, as well as lesser known snacks (outside of the country) that are particularly interesting or unique. If you're curious, you can see a showcase of the items in our recent Japan box by checking out this review that was recently posted:
You have me at treats. Do you have all sorts of skittles ? ;) More seriously, what about the hyper regionalized treats all over the world (in France, we have some)