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Hey everyone - I’m a co-founder of Treatings. Excited to share our app with the Product Hunt community for the first time! Our mission is to help people create new relationships that enhance their professional and creative lives. This year we transitioned from web to mobile with the launch of an iPhone app, which leverages members’ professional experience, career interests and favorite coffee shops to suggest people in their city to chat with. We differ from Tinder-style apps because our members build out profiles that showcase their professional interests/passion projects and can message anyone on the platform to explain why it may be mutually beneficial to meet. We’ve been asked for more than a binary pass/message option and today we are introducing Bookmarking - bookmark profiles you'd like to message later. Our members have been using Treatings to find collaborators, explore freelance opportunities and meet like-minded people. If you enjoy that old-fashioned face-to-face conversation thing, we’d love to have you join the community! Hayden
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Well, just tried this. To be honest, I didn't like the onboarding process - too long and not really relevant imho. Things came up to my mind while using it: a) barely believe that skills and interest are relevant things to focus on especially when someone adds it by himself - linkedin proved that this is a biggest scam and a waste of time b) Also I don't think that "fаvorite spots" and skillset are proper "common thing and icebreakers to meet new person". It should be based on some other basement like current demand - finding a cofounder, or seeking for job opportunity etc . c) why does it ask me to choose profile pic when i login via LinkedIn? kinda counterintuitive в) UX - i wanted to swipe left and right while using - market adoption in reality. It took me sometime to figure out how to check other person. Didn't get why is there a "bookmark" button - guess tiny button on a right top corner could work I got the problem, but didn't get the solution. #weave solves this better from a user perspective, frankly I believe that UX/UI improvement will fix all that
@emilmikhailov appreciate the constructive feedback! We've found that people get the most value out of meetings when they are matched with people who have complementary skills and interests (e.g., developer and designer matched who are looking for collaborators). Regarding choosing a picture, we've found that some people like to upload a different picture from what may be a formal profile picture on LinkedIn. We can work on smoothing out this process. For swipe functionality, definitely agree that we are battling against market standards for this type of app. We'd found that people appreciate the ability to explain why they're interested in meeting someone, so they are judged based on their intent rather than their picture/title. We can think about better UX and button placement here. Thanks again, we'll be working on it! Hayden
Awesome app, love what these guys are doing. Started using Treatings back when it was on the web, now that the product is distilled into an app I enjoy it even more. I've met a bunch of great people with minimal effort. Nice work!
@joeycofone Thanks! Great to have you in the community
I'm a huge fan of Treatings. Living in place like NYC, there are tons of interesting professionals to meet. Appreciate the ability to open up conversations with other like minded people
@adamkornfield Thanks for taking part!
@howillia congratulations on building Treatings. @emilmikhailov touched upon some UX elements that could improve the product, but I do see and receive core value, which is the most crucial aspect. Two things that would improve experience for me (may not be the case for your wider audience) are: 1. Being able to search for particular interest and experience combination without tempering with settings every time. And when I do make a match for particular combination, then show in my conversations what was the combination. 2. Being able to open company pages right from the person's profile. Helps with easily researching one's past experience if they have / are working in interesting, but not well known, companies. Also, if I have passed on a person (which could be because at the moment I am not interested, and bookmark list is already too long), does it mean I will never seem them surfaced again?
@iliasbeshimov this is really helpful feedback. Appreciate it! 1. This is a great idea - one of the benefits of connecting with people one-on-one is that you can learn from their individual experiences, as well as their career trajectory, through dynamic conversation that's tailored to your own skill set and interests. So, it definitely makes sense to be able to search for specific combinations of interests and experiences. 2. This is also something we should implement soon. Having links where you could learn more about a company of interest would also allow us to cut out some superfluous information from profiles that is not relevant for most users. 3. Yes, once you pass on someone, they will not be surfaced again. We hope that bookmarking provides a viable option for people who you're interested to speak with but not necessarily ready to message them now. Are you finding that the bookmark list quickly gets daunting? Thanks again! Hayden