Treatings 2.0

The first reputation-based professional network

#4 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2015
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Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
Hey all, I'm a co-founder at Treatings. We're excited to be on Product Hunt today launching Treatings 2.0. Our mission continues to be to help you discover and chat with the right people for your career, but we've designed a brand new experience based on feedback from Treatings 1.0. Treatings 1.0 was a utility - members added career interests and the app suggested nearby people to chat with. The problem is that it wasn't fun and it wasn't social. Treatings 2.0 includes an activity feed, search functionality and reputation system. The activity feed highlights active people in your city and what they're up to. Search allows you to find nearby members who have the background you're looking for. The reputation system rewards users who have piqued the interest of the community and contributed to it in various ways. You can boost your reputation by being approachable, responsive and proactive. Shout-out to @emilmikhailov @joeycofone @adamkornfield @iliasbeshimov @allmakebelieve @510_boatswain @alain94040 @eglozman for the feedback when we launched Treatings 1.0 here back in March. I'll be here all day if anyone has any feedback or questions. Especially curious what people think about the reputation system: what members should be rewarded for, and what kinds of special privileges may come with higher scores.
Chris Backe
Chris Backe@oneweirdglobe · Game designer at, blogger
@howillia Will take a look, sounds interesting. Off the cuff: better / higher placement in search results, and something that'll stand out IRL. I stopped using TripAdvisor because accumulating points stopped being fun when you realized what they were worth in the real world.
Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@oneweirdglobe that's great feedback. One way we can reward people is by making it easy for people with high scores to connect with others who have also built up reputation within the community. Thanks again for the good ideas!
Adam Kornfield
Adam Kornfield@adamkornfield · Co-Founder, Baron Fig
I've been a Treatings user for a long time now. Great app, loving the new update!
Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@adamkornfield thanks Adam, really appreciate it!
Joey Cofone
Joey Cofone@joeycofone · Co-founder, Baron Fig
Excited to try this out. I've used Treatings 1.0 to meet incredible people here in NYC.
Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@joeycofone you've been a great member of the community....and looks like you're close to a triple digit reputation score!
Sydney Liu
Sydney Liu@sydney_liu_sl · Co-Founder of
Tried out Treatings when it was on web I believe (a while back). Unfortunately I'm an Android user so can't try it out now, the update looks cool though.
Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@sydney_liu_sl thanks for the note, apologies for the delay in getting on Android. Now that v2 of the app is live we can focus on getting an Android app out there.
Wish Ronquillo
Wish Ronquillo@wishblizz
@howillia I am looking forward to your Android version. Any target time to launch?
TalHiring@taliban · Head of Product @ YoGov
Congrats Hayden and Paul! You've come such a long way -- and oh how your persistence has paid off. This looks amazing and I am very proud of you both.
Hayden Williams
Hayden WilliamsMaker@howillia · VC @BBGVentures
@taliban thanks, really appreciate it!