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Hey everyone! Super excited to be here. We're going to be on TechCrunch Live in 10 min talking about Treat and pet care. WITH KITTENS!
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Excited to try this! @s5 curious- how do you source and vet (no pun intended) your vendors/professionals? Are users given a choice at all or does Treat choose which vendor is booked for a given service?
@topilarity Right now we select the provider for you. Since our vets are full time employees of Treat (not contractors or vendors), you can always request your vet later, or chat with them between appointments. As we grow and include more providers (trainers, groomers, etc) we'll default to selecting for you, with a browsable directory of providers. But - baby steps :)
@topilarity And vetting vets (that one never gets old!) is a standard interview and hire process. In our field, all 50 states have professional licensing which is a minimum qualification for us. And you have to be a good text communicator :)
My cat kept sitting on top of my stereo equipment. Treat solved that for me.
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At Dogster and Catster we always got questions posted about should I see a vet about issue x, y, z. And the dog and cat community would almost always have to say yes, since it was rarely conclusive to know it wasn't. The Treat founders are super dedicated pet people and they saw a way to actually answer that question by coordinating with vets and vet techs around the clock so an expert could give real, qualified guidance. So I'm a big fan of Treat. When we got our dog I had so many questions. And on Dogster and Catster there were always questions about everything. So got answered, some didn't. I really hope Treat can be that solution for people that want it.
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love your service! thanks for making a vet visit so much easier.
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@colazionearoma Thanks Teresa!
Would you consider expanding to other kinds of veterinary care in the future? I have, in the past, had both birds and some exotic animals as pets. Thanks - love what you are doing right now!
@elissabeth Thanks! Right now we're just cats and dogs. But many of our customers have multi-pet households, so we're always listening to hear what they need.
@s5 Ok, cool! I am hoping to start keeping birds again later this year. It is always difficult to find good veterinary support for smaller pets (like parakeets) and for more exotic animals. It's also very high stress for these more delicate pets to travel to a vet. So I do hope to see Treat expand into other kinds of pet support, as you grow as a company!
@elissabeth very interesting! We'll definitely a closer look at exotic animals.