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Hey, hunters! We are Treat and we’ve made an app to help people with autoimmune conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. We would like them to change their eating habits by adopting an anti-inflammatory diet, that may reduce the inflammation that sparks their flare-ups. Our coaches are making it more fun to change eating behavior by giving users challenges, scores, tips and evaluations on their eating.
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I would like to see the cited evidence for which diets help combat Psoriasis. It's clinically proven that there's no such thing as a universally healthy diet. Our guts are like a non-deterministic polynomial time hard math problem, unlikely to be solved quickly. The notion that you're making anti-inflammatory claims is a strong one. Mouse models of inflammation are basically worthless. I think bold claims require bold evidence. That being said, there's no such thing as an FDA approved food avoidance(or diet) or a food experimentation therapy, so it's worth trying. All too often qualitative patient feedback is discounted. Edit: I'm eagerly awaiting citations to research papers.
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@datarade boom! nowadays people make apps to help you heal like they're some witchdoctors lol
@datarade It is well known that almost all diseases have several etiologies, some of which cannot be altered (such as genetical factors), while others can addressed by modifications of environmental conditions such as fitness and nutrition. In order to help people with conditions such as psoriasis we want to address the modifiable issues, in this case nutritional factors, in order to benefit the health of people. It has been documented in the scientific literature that nutrition plays an important role for many diseases, including psoriasis.
@trovatten Please paste the links to your research here. You replied with more text. Show me the evidence.
@trovatten as Kumar said, you're making a ton of claims without verification. As my old professor used to say "show me the smoking gun".
@datarade Found a few research papers: Gibson, L.E. (2011, February 10). Psoriasis diet: Can changing your diet treat psoriasis? Mayo Clinic. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Gupta, A.K., et al. (1989, June). Double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of fish oil and low-dose UVB in the treatment of psoriasis. British Journal of Dermatology, 120(6), 801-807. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Gupta, Madhulika A., et al. (1993). Alcohol intake and treatment responsiveness of psoriasis: A prospective study. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 28(5), 730-732. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Jensen, Peter, et al. (2013). Effect of Weight Loss on the Severity of Psoriasis: A Randomized Clinical Study. JAMA Dermatol., 149(7), 795-801. JAMA Network. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Kokcam, I. & Naziroglu, M. Antioxidants and lipid peroxidation status in the blood of patients with psoriasis. Clinica Chemica Acta, 289(1-2), 23-31. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Kragballe, K. & Fogh, K. (1989). A low-fat diet supplemented with dietary fish oil (Max-EPA) results in improvement of psoriasis and in formation of leukotriene B5. Acta Derm Venereol., 69(1), 23-28. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Michaelsson, G., et al. Psoriasis patients with antibodies to gliadin can be improved by a gluten-free diet. British Journal of Dermatology, 142(1), 44-51. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Monk, B.E. & Neil, S.M. (1986). Alcohol Consumption and Psoriasis. Dermatology, 173(2), 57-60. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Naldi, L., et al. (1996, January). Dietary factors and the risk of psoriasis. Results of an Italian case-control study. British Journal of Dermatology, 134(1),101-106. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Poikolainen, K. et al. (1990, March 24). Alcohol intake: a risk factor for psoriasis in young and middle aged men?. British Medical Journal, 300(6727), 780-783. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Psoriasis statistics, prevalence, severity, age of onset and psoriasis research. (n.d.). National Psoriasis Foundation. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Setty, A.R. et al. (2007, August 13/27). Obesity, Waist Circumference, Weight Change, and the Risk of Psoriasis in Women: Nurses' Health Study II. Arch Intern Med., 167(15), 1670-1675. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Wolters, M. (2005, October). Diet and psoriasis: experimental data and clinical evidence. British Journal of Dermatology, 153(4), 706-714. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from Zackheim, H.S. & Farber, E.M. (1969, May). Low-Protein Diet and Psoriasis: A Hospital Study. Arch Dermatol., 99(5), 580-586. Retrieved August 15, 2013, from (from:
It's so complicated to make nutrition related decisions .. taking the mental process out of it is great. Thanks for putting this resource together.
@samir_doshi Thanks for your kind words Sam!
Def see a use for this for just about anyone -- especially those surrounded by fastfood mega complexes.
Looks great guys! I feel like this would be beneficial for people, not just with psoriasis, but a much larger segment of the population. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Keep it up!