Give your friends a gift when they arrive at any business

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Nick O'Neill
Nick O'NeillMaker@nickoneill · Tech for politics @
Thanks for the post @connor! We originally pitched treat as a gift card replacement but soon realized it was meant to be something different and unique. It's a gift that you can tie to any location and the recipient has to visit the location to unlock that gift. Sure, it can be a gift card if you want to send something to your mom for Mother's Day (it was for me!) but it can also be a way to recommend restaurants, entice your coworkers to come out for a drink or just send your friends on an adventure. Apologies to the rest of the world, the technology to push money between users with an acceptable user experience exists for US accounts only right now and so we're just on the US store. Help us bitcoin, you're our only hope :) And I'll answer the obvious first question: an Android app is definitely near the top of our list. Any other questions I'm happy to take here or on twitter.
Matthew Tomaszewicz
Matthew Tomaszewicz@shinguardian · Working on things.
Simple solution plus a thin layer of gamification. Nice work by Nick & Rebecca.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love the concept but I don't see a good hook ("Get a free gift when you visit a business, maybe") to get enough friends/family to make this useful. How are you tackling this, @nickoneill?
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'NeillMaker@nickoneill · Tech for politics @
@rrhoover I agree, we're still working on figuring out exactly what description resonates with people. Geopayments? Venmo for locations? The hardest part is explaining the concept but afterwards people are pretty psyched about it.
Surprise your friends and loved ones with a sweet treat just because or to show them you're thinking about them on their special day! I'll never forget to buy gifts again.
Jade Clark
Jade Clark@jadenyc · PR/Branding Consultant
Can you share some quick insights on how this works from a biz perspective -- is your payment system similar to what apps like Cover are doing but for multiple verticals? Assuming you need vendor buy in for the gifting to work? Love this space, I get the use case you're targeting here.
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'NeillMaker@nickoneill · Tech for politics @
@jadenyc No vendor buy-in. The interaction is all P2P as far as the app is concerned and you pay for your coffee/dinner/beer as your normally would. The merchant doesn't even have to know you were sent a gift there. Partnering with local businesses is definitely in the works but from a different angle. Make an awesome product that users want first, businesses will come asking for tie-ins later.