Treasure Hunt

A scavenger hunt app for kids, powered by machine learning

Treasure Hunt is a pirate themed scavenger hunt app for kids. It encourages kids to get up and get moving by using image recognition to "find" items in the scavenger hunt.

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Hey Product Hunt, I'm really excited to be launching this new app Treasure Hunt. Treasure Hunt is a pirate themed scavenger hunt app for kids (and adults too 😉). Treasure Hunt leads kids through a real world scavenger hunt to find items all around them. It uses on-device machine learning to recognize the items in a fun and fast way. My hope is that this app helps get kids out and about in the real world having fun finding things. If your kids are like mine they will take any chance they get to bury themselves in a device. I want to flip that behavior around and encourage kids to use technology to improve their interaction with the real world, not diminish it. Please give it a try with your kids! I'd love feedback and suggestions Enjoy!
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@jacobmoncur This looks fun. I'll be sure to download and play with my kids over the weekend. I love the Home (Again) option. If I didn't know you better, I'd think you are trying to shame us into going outside! Two questions: - How are you monetizing? - Any plans for an Android version?
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@natethenate Thanks! Didn’t even think about shaming users into going outside. Going to have to use that more often 😂. Great questions: - I plan on monetizing by creating and offering more "packs" of treasure hunt maps (At Home... Yet Again 😉 ). I'm not a fan of ads in apps meant for kids, and I also think parents need a chance to try out an app for free to see if it is something they and their kids will enjoy and find useful. - There is absolutely plans for Android. I'm hoping to get lots of feedback and make some improvements before bring that to light. Let me know how it goes over the weekend!
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@jacobmoncur Great news on the ads. I am also not a fan of ads in games targeted for children.
Does your game have perimeter limits? I hope they don't go to foreign territory
@romanarellano There aren't any perimeter limits enforced by the app, that is up the parents 😄. Treasure hunts in the app are fairly small and most items can be found within a small geographical area. Although during beta testing my kids did run to a neighbors house to find an item (I think it was eggs 🤔)
Looks great! I plan to try it out with my kids tomorrow!
Thanks @alma_madsen! I’d love to hear how it goes.
Are there any age limits?
@bbregar there are no age limits but we have found kids 3 and under need a little more help finding things and pointing the camera at the item correctly. Recommended for ages 3 to 99!
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@jacobmoncur so you are just like LEGO!😇 Joke aside. Great product, kudos on the launch!
Looks great, going to check it out with my kids. Oldest one is 8 and we’re always talking apps... :)
@brencansk thanks! Let me know if your older kids think it is too easy and want more of a challenge. I’ve got some more ideas for more engaging treasure hunts for kids in the 8 - 10 range.