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Hi Y'all, I'm Dante, Founder of Treadie We started Treadie to get out of Twitter which is General and move topics into their own separate rooms or channels, that way information doesn't get lost but it needed to be Lightweight and not be complicated to get started or join. We also wanted people to be able to do more than just like and retweet. Adding expressions makes you communicate more without saying much. You have the control over the topics you create and as you use Treadie you will be being to notice how it suits the topics you've created. I love to be creative and i can't wait to see what you guys use Treadie for and would love to build it with you and your topics in mind.
@dantelex Congrats on the launch. Curious how is this different/better than a FB group or instance of Mighty Networks? There have been many attempts to build experiences around hashtags... but none that have stood the test of time. What's your unique differentiator that makes you believe it'll work now? Or, what's changed in terms of consumer behavior?
@drewmeyers Thanks. Treadie is focused on topics, it's specifically designed for that. No distractions, easy of use and something about Treadie is that replies are not out of context. Also Treadie will be built with the users as this platform is for them. FB group or instance of Mighty Networks? Will it work? We will put them to the test!!! Any feedback or suggestions you have do feel free to drop it here 😄
@dantelex "Treadie will be built with the users as this platform is for them" I have to push back a bit on this. No doubt past attempts at this built for users in the same way, no? What's your core thesis as to why this category/approach can turn into a big business now (in a way that it couldn't in the past)? Or, if the goal is not a big business and this is just a cool lifestyle product, that's fine. If the latter is the goal, I'm not knocking the approach. I actually believe more people should approach things that way. Building big / VC funded businesses isn't for everyone.
@drewmeyers Hi Drew, i'm always open to suggestions. Personalization is something key we are actively working on as we believe this will make it really big.
Haha! On my commute this morning, I was thinking I'd use something like this...but this is better. How about a way to "import" threads from twitter? There are some great ones that would be nice to be able to expand the conversation upon. Or do you think that would be out of your goal here? Also, have you thought of reaching companies for fitting purposes such as customer forums or internal discussions?
@jaironpz Awesome suggestion, it's something we are actually looking into. We are looking at companies who would use Treadie as well.
I dig the idea. Sounds kinda like Twitter and reddit had a baby.
Hello Dante, I’d like to congratulate you on such a simple yet fun product. I want to know how is the feed for all users sorted ? Like you’ll be able to see all posts from all users based on who posted more recently is on top ?
@phictous Hi Joseph, thank you. Well currently each post is a thread of it's own and all replies to it will be under it making replies not look out of context, as for other opinions they will be shown from newest to oldest. The issue will be content getting lost so will be adding a feature that curates the best content.
Can Treadie also be used as Disqus replacement for blogs?
@norbertfuhs That's interesting, not exactly. Treadie would actually replace blogs themselves as it can be used as such. I see blogs as a collection of tweets or information. Treadie does this beautifully.