Walk while you work

$2240 for cheapest model #Saved-You-a-Click
There are a lot of products like this: Is there anything that makes this particularly better than the others?
I'm trying to discover everything about this treadmill desks for quite some while now. I've read about that a lot and it looks like that those are really a good solution to get yourself going. From what i read so far all of the offers are around the same pricing and target around the same audience so I'd also wonder what should be so special on this product. The biggest problem for me is that nearly all of the US products are not available in Europe (I'm from Germany). The only exception here is Lifespan - they sell some of their products via
@helmi Check out the research study too in the related links section.
@helmi This always annoys me so much, always worldwide publicity but the world is always assumed to be only people in the U.S and only they can get half of these products promoted to a worldwide audience. It just wastes my time and devalues @producthunt
"sitting is the new cancer" says Tim Cook - anything to get us off our butts! :)