TRDLNYK - Perfecting the turtleneck for guys

Not high-fashion, not high-brow, just a high-necked shirt.

It's pronounced truh-del-nick btw. And it just stands for turtleneck. We're not here to announce the turtleneck is back, but we are here to remind you they look really good. They always have, but for guys they've been wrapped in stigma. Just because you're not Jobs or Drake ora fashionista doesn't mean you can't get away with rocking a turtleneck.

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Very cool product! Go tacklebox
Can't wait to rock my TRDLNYK!
This is pretty dope. I'm a big snowboarder and would definitely wear this to stay warm during the day without sacrificing quality or looks for apres ski. You should look into creative ways to target that community!
Hey there PH, Excited to share with you TRDLNYK. We're perfecting the turtleneck for guys. Is it really what the market is asking for? No. But we really like turtlenecks so we made a great one, a much more modern look and feel than any turtleneck sweaters on the market. Turtlenecks look great but have been clouded in so much stigma. We wanted to launch a brand that could help tackle that stigma, or at least approach it. It's not high-fashion, not high-brow, it's just a high-necked shirt. Any questions? fire away!