Bloomberg for emerging markets

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I wish I had a need for this. Just looking at it makes me feel smarter. Nice.
thanks @nikitakorotaev ! @bentossell hey! Sure :) TRDATA is democratising access to market data from Emerging markets. Since these markets are very fragmented and scattered, traditional financial data providers, such as Bloomberg and Reuters are not always efficient in terms of coverage and have a huge price tag. TRDATA provides information for free, with data on more than 16000 instruments from major local providers. Instruments include Fixed income, Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Derivatives and they are easily accessible from a web app. Happy to share with Product Hunt community and answer questions!
Srdjan KovacevicCo-founder at Reaktor
This is quite interesting, you have my upvote. I've noticed that in some parts of the site you still have items (menu elements etc.) in Cyrillic. A question: where do you draw you data from, and how often do you update it? I've seen that for Croatian bonds you have only bids for SocGen...
@srlle thanks and noted! Our data is directly from our users - professional traders from banks. We try to increase the coverage, right now the best one we have is for Ukranian and Russian markets. But we're working on it and hope to get more data providers in CEE, Middle East and Africa by Q1 2016 :)
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
@ekaterinaklink !!!! Hey :) Can you and the team tell us the background here?
Nikita Korotaev
CTO @ RELAYTO/ Document Experience
This is the team of really smart guys. Anyone who is in finance should check out what TRDATA does. @ekaterinaklink & co will tell you more. "TRDATA offers traders access to real-time market data, including news and prices, from information providers in Russia and the Ukraine, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa." -