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Discover new music by listening to a song’s best part first

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Greetings fellow Hunters, We were overwhelmed by the support + feedback we got for our website post back in February ( so we're back again to share our Android app with you! (sorry iPhone users - ran out of budget, but pray we see you soon!) First, for the new users, a quick run down on how trbble helps you discover new music, using human curation Twitter for music - Share your favorite parts of songs with people you love. Or Discover awesome music in seconds from our community submissions! 1. Mostly all of us have our favorite part(s) of a song, generally the one that we keep playing in loop a.k.a the "Hook" of the song. We just gave a name to the hook --> trbble 2. Any user can submit his/her trbble(s) for any song. We have also enabled user added genres/moods to better filter the songs. 3. If you like a trbble, you can RIGHT THEN & THERE, listen to the entire song on the app :) It's as simple as a click. Also, you can add them to your playlists, favorite them and share with others. We are relying on SoundCloud for our entire catalogue. What's new with trbble Android app We’re social - why change when we’ve mooched so much music from our friends; follow anyone with good music taste, build your feed and hear what you want, from the people you want Discover music by moods! No up/down votes - Just favorite what you discover/love. Comments - Now you can comment on any trbble/playlist and also mention other users and make them face the music ;) There’s more but we’d rather have you explore. Happy discovering! :)
Awesome job guys! Loved the concept of trbble since I've first hunted it and now having the Android app - double kudos!
@alincatalin Thanks Alin for your continued support! Hope you enjoy the app :)
Just got your e-mail about the launch! Nice to hear that the app's finally out, I installed it right away!
@phimema Thanks Philip! It's been a long wait, we agree. But hope the app was worth the wait :) Any feedback for us?
I'm surprised that nobody around these parts has asked the question, but is there plans for an Apple app? While I'm strictly Android, most of my friends are iPhone cultists.