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Rich WaldronΒ β€” co-founder,
Wow, thanks @mutlu82 for sharing. We're thrilled to open up Flows and our workflow editor today. Check out our blog for a deeper intro to flows:

Please get in touch if you'd like help setting up your integration, or to have your service added as a connector on the platform (hit me up directly or hunt us down on or @tray).

John FurneauxΒ β€” Cofounder, Hive
@richwaldron @mutlu82 @tray Great job guys. Time for us to add a Hive Tray connector I think! Can contact us at @jfurneaux or @hiveteams.
Shlok VaidyaΒ β€” Integration Product at Planview, Writer
@richwaldron @mutlu82 @tray Interesting to me for a couple reasons (one, because I have integration in my title), but also 2) because I've spent the last couple months mapping out the integration space as we try to replace our aging (Actian Pervasive) platform.

If there's a spectrum - and on one side, there's consumer (ifftt) through to power user Zapier (Gartner's 'citizen integrator' concept) through to Cloud Elements and then Snaplogic and then Informatica (heavy enterprise) on the other end, where do you guys see yourselves?
Rich WaldronΒ β€” co-founder,
@shloky Hi Shlok - Great question. We see ourselves more akin to the heavier side of the spectrum in terms of our technical functionality. The core of our product is the workflow editor, it’s designed to be technical/developer friendly and support a broad stroke of integrations from simple point-point workflows, data migration, multi-step loops and more.

We’ve spent a long time ensuring that it’s easy to onboard new connectors (in any language) and for customers to roll their own. Our take is that in order for these workflows to be accessible to everyone they require an entirely separate experience, which can be seen in β€˜Flows’. Flows are a simple method to configure a pre-built workflow and get it running for our non-technical audience.
djinozΒ β€” CEO, StreetHawk
@richwaldron @shloky Could you please compare/contrast with ?
Manoj RanaweeraΒ β€” Founder & CEO, UnifiedVU
@shloky @richwaldron @mutlu82 @tray and you haven't even got us yet on the radar - we, @UnifiedVU are off the scale - and into virtual integration. There's also folks like Cazoomi (Disclaimer - I am a Board Advisor there). Thanks for the tip on CloudElements. Have not heard of them before..
Olga AnnenkoΒ β€” Marketing Manager,
@richwaldron Hi Rick, interesting product, especially considering that we at @elasticio offer almost the same;-) except that we also provide an integration platform as a uniform infrastructure to host these connectors. And we're closer to the enterprise solutions, although serving citizen integrators is a very tempting idea. But I do have to admit that at the moment, we don't have such a beautiful builder UI as you guys do;) This looks really impressive.

A question from a colleague to a colleague, so to speak:-) : What tools do you give developers who want to contribute by building a connector? I mean, you said they can use any language. Do you provide SDKs for every language or do you use some other kind of framework?

Also, do you support historical data? 'Cause this is where Zapier and IFTTT have been missing out big time.
Ryan J A MurphyΒ β€” Student?
Classic question: why this over Zapier/IFTTT? How's it differentiated?
Andrew AllsopΒ β€” Head of Growth, Formisimo
@ryanjamurphy For me Zapier is linear in how it works, data comes in and it triggers something else. looks like it's a lot better for building more complicated workflows as you can use time delays, loops and Boolean arguments. A product doesn't have to be significantly different to be able to provide a significantly better fit for a markets problems. This is the beauty of the maker revolution - it's making technology more fragmented just like media has become. You can now find something that's a better fit to your needs at the most granular level.
Matt SornsonΒ β€” Growth @ Clearbit
@ryanjamurphy Echoing my first thought exactly :) However, I can build things with Tray that are impossible with the others. Instead of the standard "if this then that" with Zapier/IFTTT. I can do an "if this -> then that and another that -> then push the results through a filter -> and finally add them to salesforce (or any of my other integrations). Tray has steadily started replacing my folder of cron jobs over the past two months.
Elia MorlingΒ β€”
@andrewallsop ok trying to understand...this is like zapier but with the ability to add logic? This is IFTTT if an IFTTT happens? πŸ˜„
Manoj RanaweeraΒ β€” Founder & CEO, UnifiedVU
@andrewallsop @ryanjamurphy have you tried Manchester's FlowXO Andrew?
Justin MaresΒ β€” Co-author, Traction Book
@mattsornson @ryanjamurphy Didn't Zapier just add ability to set up Workflows?
Andrew AllsopΒ β€” Head of Growth, Formisimo
@tribaling See @Matt Sornson's reply above.
Elia MorlingΒ β€”
@andrewallsop @matt Thanks, sounds really cool
Andrew AllsopΒ β€” Head of Growth, Formisimo
@manojranaweera No but it looks really good
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